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Effective immediately, or when permissible by contract, price increases on liquid caustic soda have been announced.  For more information, contact your OWI National Account Manager. Price Increases by Supplier: (1) Olin - Diaphragm $70.00, Membrane $70.00 (2) Oxy - Diaphragm $60.00, Membrane $75.00 (3) Formosa - Diaphragm $75.00, Membrane $75.00 (4) Westlake - Diaphragm $55.00, Membrane $75.00  
Rising Chinese Export pricing continues to put pressure on the US West Coast, as a large trader announced a $20 per dry short ton increase for June 1st implementation.
Recently, a large producer nominated a price increase of approximately $70 per dry short ton for immediate application or as contracts permit.  Most likely, actual implementation will occur on July 1st.  The remaining US Producers are all expected to follow.
HOUSTON (ICIS)--Formosa Plastics USA declared force majeure on Tuesday at its chlor-alkali plant in Point Comfort, Texas, after a “torrential thunderstorm” rendered the plant inoperable, according to a company letter to customers.
To learn more, read the article posted on Yahoo! Finance.